Kathleen Coughlin LCSW

Kathleen Coughlin LCSW
Business Name:
Ocean Vista Counseling
1450 N US Highway 1, Suite 500 Ormond Beach FL 32174

The focus of my practice is on alternative dispute resolution, conflict resolution, and collaborative practice to help support children and families during periods of transition. My goal as a mediator and collaborative mental health professional is to decrease stress that can occur for families during high conflict separation or divorce. I work to teach parents that conflict in their parenting relationship is very detrimental to the emotional health of their children. As a professional, my focus has been working with families that are in high conflict co-parenting relationships. This includes situations where abuse or domestic violence has occurred in the family system. It is imperative to the emotional health of the children that they feel supported by their parents, that their feelings and voices are heard, and that they are allowed to love both parents freely without pressure from the other parent.

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