Matthew W. Smith

Matthew W. Smith
Business Name
Noetic Counseling, PLLC
235 S. Maitland Avenue, Suite 113, Maitland, FL 32751

Matthew Smith is the 11th of 13 children – all from the same parents.  Growing up with so many siblings has given him a great opportunity to learn about family dynamics and effective discipline. His parents did a great job of maintaining a safe and well-behaved home, and Mr. Smith uses their example as a template for working with families today.

​From an early age, Mr. Smith has been passionate about working with children and families.  It is this passion that drove Mr. Smith to become licensed as both a Mental Health Counselor – and Lawyer.  And his experience in working with people in both the mental health and legal fields, as well as his own life experiences, has helped him better understand the concept of stress, depression, anxiety, and guilt.  He understands the dynamic of oppression and abuse, and the effects that come from them.  He has a great appreciation for the individual who desires to rise above her or his pain of the past, and who wants to learn to use that pain to forge out a more beautiful future.
Life can be difficult, and yet – life can still be conquered.
In addition to mental health counseling and law, Mr. Smith is also a collaborative law trained mental health therapist.  He has remained great friends with his former wife, and together they raised a wonderful daughter . . . as a family.  A divorced family is still a family, and navigating that rocky road can be done.  It is not as difficult as many people think.  Mr. Smith understands first-hand the benefits gained through respectful divorce and co-parenting.

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