Peter Wildeman

Peter Wildeman
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Peter Wildeman, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
505 North Park Ave, Suite 201, Winter Park, Florida 32789
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My specialty is working with relationships; people having a hard time with relationships either romantic, at work or with a sibling, parent or friend. I teach effective communication, patience, and learning assertiveness rights (you have the right to say no to someone). I help my clients to identify their values, learn about mindfulness and describe what their “best life” looks like. If you are making decisions that are guided by your values, you will find your best life. I will help you identify ineffective patterns, find your path, set goals and get to where you want to be.
My approach is eclectic, using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We will work towards values guided action, readiness to make change, motivation to achieve your goals, present moment awareness, and acceptance of a whole range of feelings.

Meeting with a counselor should not be stressful. Try out more than one because not every therapist is the same. And therapy does not have to be a long term endeavor. It can be 5 sessions. It can be a couple making minor adjustments in how they relate. If you feel stuck in a pattern, routine or relationship that is not working, contact me and I will help.

Phone Number:
(407) 280-7652
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