Michael P Sampson

Michael P Sampson
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Sampson Collaborative Law
Collaborative Family Lawyer
201 S. Lawsona Blvd., Orlando, FL 32801

Collaborative Family Law Practice, Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements.

I’m a Florida collaborative family lawyer.  After 30 years of litigating family law and business cases at big law firms, I committed exclusively in 2017 to collaborative practice.

Do you or your clients want a private, peaceful, respectful, transparent divorce?

I’ll help you decide if the collaborative option might fit your goals.

On collaborative teams, I help couples create positive, constructive solutions out-of-court in:

🔸Florida Divorces

🔸Paternity & Child Support

🔸Custody, Timesharing, Parental Responsibility, & Relocation

🔸Child Support & Alimony

🔸Property Division, including identifying & valuing marital & nonmarital interests in trusts, LLCs, & closely-held family businesses

🔸Modification & enforcement

🔸Prenuptial Agreements & Postnuptial Agreements

🔸Domestic Partnership Agreements for same-sex & opposite sex couples

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Try out free calculators for calculating marital and nonmarital components of premarital property and accounts & to help build creative solutions to financial issues.

Nonmarital Real Property Calculator - https://www.sampsoncollaborativelaw.com/nonmarital_prop_calculator

Premarital Accounts Calculator - https://www.sampsoncollaborativelaw.com/premarital_accounts_calc

Search for free my Sampson Collaborative Law family law case summaries - https://www.sampsoncollaborativelaw.com/family-law-cases

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