Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me?

In deciding whether the Collaborative Law Process is right for you, consider whether the following is important for you and your family:

  • I want to maximize the future success of my family after divorce.
  • I want to focus on doing what’s best for our children.
  • I want to keep our personal and financial information private and confidential.
  • I want to approach the divorce with thoroughness, efficiency, and economy.
  • I want us to decide our future life and not a judge.

If these considerations are important to you, call a trained Collaborative Professional TODAY!

How could the Collaborative Process help our children?

A neutral facilitator with mental health training helps parents heal wounds so they can make good decisions as parents together.

The parents are ending their marriage or partnership, but their relationships and obligations as parents will continue as their children grow, thrive, become adults, triumph, fall in love, endure heartache, experience joy, have their own children, and remember the model their parents demonstrated for resolving issues maturely, civilly, respectfully, honestly, and with dignity.

How does the Collaborative Law Process benefit my future?

The Collaborative Law Process anticipates future needs, whereas traditional litigation often leaves families financially damaged, with unresolved conflict, and short-lived agreements.   The Collaborative Law Process anticipates future needs and goals while tailoring long-term solutions with the help of a professional team.

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