“Our financials are simple, we don’t need a financial professional”

I hear a version of this phrase often. But in reality, even the most simplistic of financial situations can have a need for professional tax and financial advice. Particularly with recent tax law changes related to child tax and dependent care credits. All of which impact the average suburban family.

So often a current or potential client will meet with me after their marital settlement agreement has been signed. And so often there were decisions made without involving a financial professional that have long-lasting impacts on the family’s financial situation. At that point, it is often too late to make a different decision.

The Collaborative Process includes the utilization of a financial neutral which gives the opportunity for much-needed financial option building in all situations. Often clients don’t realize that even their “simple” financial situation still has decisions that have lasting consequences. Instead of talking about business valuations, we are navigating dependent care and child tax credits, which can amount to thousands of dollars per year for families.

The average family faces many financial decisions without fully realizing the long-term costly impacts that a financial professional (such as a CPA or financial planner) could easily help them navigate. To name a few:

  • Child Tax Credits
  • Dependent Care Benefits
  • Alimony
  • Tax impact of retirement accounts
  • Retirement planning
  • QDRO distribution planning
  • Retirement beneficiary planning
  • Life insurance planning
  • Tax planning related to a primary residence

Bottom line is that the professional team created in the Collaborative Process can benefit every family, no matter how simplistic or complicated their financial situation. This process is not just for families with large net worth or complicated business structures. Every family has financial decisions to make and very rarely are those decisions insignificant in nature.

Megan Wolfe, CPA, RFC, CDFA


Megan Wolfe is a Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor with Wolfe Financial Group in Lake Mary, FL. Among other designations, she is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Collaboratively trained financial neutral, and Registered Financial Consultant. Her primary focus is Taxation, Financial Planning, and serving as Financial Neutral in Collaborative cases. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and cheering on the Florida Gators with her husband, Brett. 

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