Directory of Collaborative Professionals

Collaborative Mental Health Professional  – The Collaborative Mental Health Professional is a neutral facilitator who helps a couple & collaborative team work through emotions &, when there are children, tailor parenting plans to the family’s specific needs.

Collaborative Financial Professional – The collaborative neutral financial professional guides a couple towards understanding their current financial situation & what is possible & practical, helps the couple gather information to understand the family’s financial situation, &, in collaborative divorce, helps them decide how to divide their marital assets & liabilities & to resolve child support & alimony issues.

Collaborative Lawyer – The collaborative lawyer advises a client in the collaborative process, helps the client understand the process, issues the collaborative team will address, & possible solutions. Each collaborative lawyer commits to serving the clients’ goals & interests through open, creative, solution-based efforts. Collaborative attorneys guide and work towards creative, flexible, & long-lasting solutions rather than being confrontational, positional, or ego-driven.

Collaborative Allied Professionals – Collaborative allied professionals are specialized professionals, such as appraisers, valuation experts, financial advisors, insurance experts, education experts, & estate planning experts, who may assist a collaborative team or client understand specialized issues & help the team develop options & solutions.

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